Yoga & Brunch Series | March 25th


Join us March 25th, 11am-1:30pm for the perfect recipe of Yoga, Meditation, Sound-healing, Coffee and a Plant-Based Brunch!

Please save the date, let your friends know and snag your tickets ASAP. ***Tickets are limited and must be pre-purchased.

We feel blessed to have Cassandra Justine of Choose Joy leading a yoga and sound session followed by a “Plant-Based” Brunch with Meagan Lombaer of The Radical Larder.


What to Expect:

Yoga & Sound Session:

Enjoy a mindful flow, a grounding meditation, calming breath-work and a quartz crystal singing bowl sound bath during savasana.

Plant-Based Brunch:

What is a “plant-based” brunch?

A brunch prepared with foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits with few or no animal products. Some may say “vegan.”

Please email us at: with any dietary restrictions/allergies so we can best serve you.

Brunch Menu TBA! 🙂

Good Vibes!

More than anything we are excited to bring like-minded community together. Spread the word.


Event Breakdown:

11am-12:30pm Yoga + Sound Bath

12:30pm-1:30pm Brunch, Coffee + Good Vibes


Meet Our Team:

Cassandra holds space for people to discover their purpose and tap into their power. She facilitates such transformation as a passionate and experienced yoga teacher, sound-healer, reiki practitioner and tarot reader. She is co-founder and Creative Director of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, a start-up non-profit that strives above anything to be radically inclusive to all people. Cassandra leads retreats, events and classes and has taught at North Coast Music Festival, BREATHE, Fields of Yogis, and many other festivals. Peeps her blog for inspiration at and learn more about her work at

Chef Meagan Lombaer of The Radical Larder uses ingredients from local farmer’s markets and other resources around Chicago to develop dishes inspired by world cuisine and plant-based living. The chef strives to use the whole ingredient and loves incorporating pickles and preserved items into her dishes adding another layer of flavor and excitement to what she prepares. The Radical Larder’s long term goal is to pair movement, holistic healing and preventative practices and plant based foods in a way that fosters a community of like-minded individuals.

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